The Basics

Birth plan session
labor and birth support

The Middle Ground

1 prenatal visit
birth plan session
Labor and birth support
1 post partum visit

 The Ultimate

2 prenatal visits
birth plan session
labor and birth support
2 post partum visits

The Blissful Birth

4 prenatal visits
birth plan session

The Afterglow

4 postpartum visits


Prenatal visits consist of creating a birth plan, practicing comfort measures, discussing the options you will encounter throughout your journey as well as their risks and benefits. and preparing for the birth of your new baby together

post partum visits are my personal favorites. During post partum visits we will check in, I will provide any resources or guidance you may need- and then the fun stuff. I will either watch your older kids so you can have alone time with baby or watch baby so you can have time for yourself. take a nap. take a shower. leave the house alone if you choose. i will also prepare you a healthy post partum meal, help with meal prepping, and assist with any other chores that will help you to more fully enjoy your post partum period. post partum visits are 2-3 hours long.