Stop Suggesting Ginger!

Ginger. Small infrequent meals. Essential oils.

Did you know that NONE of this will cure Hyperemsis Gravidarum?

This condition is way too often thought of and treated like severe morning sickness.

HG is NOT morning sickness. HG can last your entire pregnancy and causes such severe nausea and vomiting that it can take a major toll on a birthing persons health.

Today I met a woman with the most severe case I had ever heard of. She has been seriously ill her whole pregnancy. She has been on an NG feeding tube getting continuous nutrition. She not only has been taking Zofran, but has been on a Zofran pump through a PICC line. She has been in and out of the hospital repeatedly- as you can clearly see. Today she received a new PICC line after developing an infection in the previous line. Her condition got so bad that she has completely lost the use of her legs- a condition that could take up to a year after delivery to correct.

She will be induced when she reaches 36 weeks- if she and baby can make it an additional 10 days without needing intervention sooner. There is no telling how long it will take her body to recover.

Please stop minimizing the struggle people suffering with HG face by suggesting things like ginger and tea. Educate yourself on the condition, it's severity, and it's potential complications here-

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