Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Just a tiny fraction of the interventions needed to bring this baby and momma to this point.

When I first posted about Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) the response was incredible. So many commented about their similar struggle.

One common theme prevailed- these women were not heard, their experiences were not believed or were minimized, and many simply did not believe them.

In honor of every woman who was not heard, I would like to help your voices be heard.

Here are just some of the comments that were left on the original post. Please read these. Really take it in. Close your eyes and put yourselves in their shoes.



"I was almost at this point and wanted my life to end."

"When I told them what I was suffering from, they just past it off as ‘oh she just has morning sickness’ .... it was horrible."

"It’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced. Not many truly understand."

"I went 3 days not realizing what was really going on. I just stayed on the bathroom floor because 7 minutes wasn’t enough time to get rest anywhere else. By the time I got to the hospital, they couldn’t find veins to draw blood. I’d lost 12 lbs and my kidneys were beginning to shut down. It took 7 bags of fluids to rehydrate me enough for me use the restroom. 
I went home with a picc line for zofran and reglan, along with a home healthcare nurse to help take care of me. This lasted fom week 6 to week 25. "

"Not many of us are brave enough to share our story for fear of judgement. I hate it with every ounce of my being. I hate that it took the joy out of most of my pregnancy, I hate that I am scared to have another baby bc of the high chance of it happening again."

"I had HG with my first and it wasn't until I did my own research and brought the idea to my OB did they actually start taking me seriously."

"HG so lonely, isolating, and misunderstood."

"Most horrific time of my life when I should’ve been enjoying something as amazing as creating my children’s life. I hated every second of my pregnancies."

"When I was a student nurse I cared for a woman who, after 10yrs of IVF, was BEGGING for a termination due to HG"

"I had severe HG with my last pregnancy. Wednesday it will be 3 years and i still feel traumatized when i think about it."

"I remember with my first daughter, a doctor in the ER asked me if I wanted to keep her, or abort her because of how bad the vomiting was. I couldn’t even get water down my throat, it would involuntarily come back up while I was dying for a sip of water! "

"It’s awful and the most hurtful thing someone said to me was, “it’s just morning sickness.” It stops being just morning sickness when it doesn’t stop. It made me very depressed"

"You have the most precious gift growing inside your body but some days you can't help but resent it."

"I had this with my one and only child I am still recovering 15 months later."

"Yeah around here, they basically refuse to do pumps or picc lines. Aaaand there no other obs or anything for 3 hrs+ So in turn I got so sick I developed metabolic acidosis, almost died from organ shutdown and sustained heart damage."

"With my daughter, I was bedridden for four months straight, and by the end I considered it a good day if I could sit in the lounge room for a little while and hug my preschooler. I have virtually no memories of him for an entire year."

"Another factor people don’t realise is that some of us who suffer HG throughout our pregnancy will continue to have issues for the rest of our lives. I was surprised that a lot of HG suffers are in the same boat as I am and live with GERD for the rest of our lives as a result of the HG. It’s no joke we literally put our lives on the line in order to create, incubate and then birth new life."

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