Your San Diego Birth Story, creatively documented.


There is nothing quite like bringing a new life earth side. The day you welcome your new baby (or babies!) will be one of the most incredible, transformative, priceless days of your life just full of precious little moments along the way. Your strength and determination as you labor. The way your partner supports you. The first moment the life that you have created, nurtured, and loved in to existence is finally in your arms. Between the hormones, adrenaline, fatigue, anticipation, and so many other factors, these moments are rarely remembered clearly- or at all. Helping to capture these moments so that you can fully experience the beauty of the day your family grew is my greatest joy.

Every birth is worth documenting for generations to come

Your birth space is sacred. As a true birth professional I know how to act within that space no matter what your birth plan- or how your birthing journey may differ from what you had envisioned.  As a trained doula I am prepared to continue to serve you in any circumstance. I am proudly committed to documenting all birthing persons and their varied journeys equally.  I am available for any type of birth story including those at home, birth centers, or hospitals- including those requiring military access.  I offer special packages for deployment situations that result in a partner missing the birth. I photograph and film birth stories throughout San Diego county.  I would love to document yours.

A little about me-
My journey in to photography began what seems like ages ago in High School. It wasn’t until three years ago that I discovered my true passion- birth stories and documentary sessions. Posed photos are gorgeous and valuable, but my goal is to preserve those little every day moments exactly as we hope to remember them. I have trained in both photography and film through Birth Becomes Her with Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason- top professionals and industry leaders in birth photography. My work has been featured with Birth Becomes Her and has been awarded in international photography competitions. Above all else- I strive to honor your birth as the sacred event that it is.